The RTI QM-2000.NET IP65 housing has especially been designed to protect QM-2000 hardware cards.

The solid aluminium housing is waterproof according to IP65 and includes an ILDA interface as well as a DMX interface. Mains and LAN connections have additional protection fastenings against dust and splashing water.

The advantages of the RTI QM-2000.NET housing are:

  • protection against adverse weather conditions, especially rain and dust
  • direct positioning next to the laser projector possible - even in outdoor areas
  • the solid housing makes it ideal for on-road and off-road applications
  • easy to handle

Just connect the RTI QM-2000.NET IP65 unit (the QM-2000 hardware has to been integrated before) to the laser light projector and start the show.

This housing doesn't include the QM-2000 hardware card as well as the network adapter and has to be bought separately. On customer requirement the RTI QM-2000.NET IP65 housing can be delivered including the pre-installed QM-2000 hardware card. Further details on request.

Ray Technologies
265x210x65mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight: